Alchimie is recruiting!

Are you looking to flesh out your skills in an innovative company that’s breaking ground in the booming field of digital content distribution?

Do you want to be part of deciding what entertainment will look like tomorrow?
Are you a creative, fast-learning team player?
If the answer is yes, discover what we have to offer.

Alchimie is recruiting Open positions

Join a uniquely diverse team of talented people!

Alchimie lives up to its name

As you may know, alchemy is the ancient practice of turning led into gold. That’s basically what we do with the video content that producers bring to us. But content and audiences aren’t the only ones that have chemistry – so does our team. Our name gestures to the team spirit we cultivate to take on exciting projects with maximum efficiency and professionalism. Alchimie is the sum of all these things.

Join us and get the opportunity to partake in the distribution and monetization of video content, games and music with a team that boasts a variety of skills (marketing, digital dev., graphic design etc.) in a thriving company that knows how to recognize talent and foster individual growth.

Whether you’re a full stack, API or mobile app developer; a digital marketing enthusiast (monetization, growth hacker); an expert in video production or media; or a graphic designer who lives and breathes UX, Alchimie is bound to have something for you.

Don’t wait another minute! If you have a bachelor or a master in computer science (Epita, Epitech…) or in business (ESCP, EM Lyon…) or if you studied design, don’t hesitate to apply to our current positions or send us your resume, we always respond.

Come help us build our team spirit and learn from it!

We value hard skills, but we value soft skills more highly yet: creativity, flexibility and team spirit are what define us.

We look for these qualities because they are the key to our success, but also because they shape the cornerstone of Alchimie’s identity. Ours is an identity built on a community of friendly, motivated and open-minded individuals looking to the future. We’re excited to write the next chapter of the entertainment and video production industries together.

Case in point: Alchimie received great reviews in the Paris Workplace 2017 study – and we swear this is all based employee feedback!

The company culture at Alchimie
is known for promoting innovation
professionalism, performance…
and thoughtfulness!

One of the best workplaces today

Alchimie is a thriving company that boasts great company.

We’re proud to say that based on feedback from employees, Alchimie is ranked among the first of 10 French Tech companies in terms of “innovation”, “professionalism” and “performance”.

Feedback also highlighted another quality we’re especially happy about: “thoughtfulness”. It’s a genuine pleasure to be recognized as such and we’re determined to nurture this spirit that is so important to us. As a result, our scores for “friendliness” and “company loyalty” are above average as well!

Study “Paris Workplace 2017” – Ifop / SFL – study conducted among 3000 employees in Paris among which 1000 are members of the French Tech organization.

Need more information before you apply to one of our job offers?

No problem, here are some points that should help you in your decision…

  • Do you like working on your own terms but also enjoy collaborating with a team? At Alchimie we work in small “squads” that allow you to combine the best of both worlds.
  • Do you seek a deep understanding of the company’s goals and appreciate strategic thinking? Alchimie is a human-sized business so you’ll never be far from the decision-makers – CEO included. We make it a point to give you the opportunity to speak with top management about business, strategy and creativity.
  • “Where do we have lunch?” you might ask. We share a company restaurant with other firms but we also have our own space for down time, equipped with a kitchen, sofas and a foosball table (don’t worry, you can also play outside of lunch hours).
  • You like to work out before or after work? There are gyms and sports facilities around the corner. We don’t like to brag about it, but we actually have our own indoor soccer team.

  • Becoming an “Alchemist” also comes with numerous benefits:
    • Competitive salary + bonus
    • 40+ days paid vacation (per calendar year)
    • A retirement plan (Plan Epargne Entreprise and Plan d’Epargne Retraite Collectif)
    • Health insurance (mutuelle complémentaire santé)
    • A company agreement (convention d’entreprise)
    • Finally, because Alchimie is determined to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving field, every year we dedicate part of our budget to training and development programs for our team.

Last but not least, we make time to unwind, be it during our end-of-the-year party or at the beginning of the summer during our big company seminar. Year-round we celebrate big wins but we don’t need a special occasion to enjoy each other’s company.

There you have it. If you want more information please take a look at our current offers… and contact us.

Do you have skills in content marketing (video, games, music), tech and/or full stack or graphic design?