Review date: 7 July 2022

This cookie policy (the “Policy”) provides you with information on cookies that may be placed on your terminal when you use the website.

Alchimie, a company with a Board of Directors (“Alchimie”, or “we”, “our”), whose registered office is located at 43-45 Avenue Victor Hugo, 93300 Aubervilliers, France, is liable for cookie use on the Website.

For more information on how we process your personal data, please read the Data Protection Policy.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text, image or software files that are placed and stored on your terminal when you visit our Website.  When used in this Policy, the word “terminal” means computers, smartphones, tablets and any other device used to access the Internet.

Other types of trackers may also be used, such as invisible pixels, also known as web bugs or web beacons.  These are tiny graphic images and can be placed on the Website or in an email.

Their function is to collect technical data and data about your activity or enable a third-party cookie to be stored so that this data can be sent back to a server.

Cookies and other trackers stored from our Website

Cookies and other trackers used on the Website include:

  •   Alchimie cookies and other trackers;
  •   Third-party cookies and other trackers selected on a limited basis by Alchimie for specific purposes.

What are the purposes of the cookies used?

Audience measurement cookies

Google Analytics service used by our Website enables us to count visitors and identify how they use the Website.  This is a statistical tool that enables Alchimie to improve its Website by taking its visitors’ needs into account.

Data generated by these cookies covers:

  •   your use of the Website, such as the pages you visit;
  •   your IP address to identify which town/city you are connecting from. This data is immediately anonymised after collection and is not shared with Google.

You can accept or decline in the settings in the cookie consent banner.

To change your options to accept or decline cookies, you need to change your browser settings.

These settings are generally available in the “options” or “preferences” menu on your Internet browser. To understand these settings, the following links may be helpful. Alternatively, you can use the “Help” option on your Internet browser for more details.

Technical cookies

Alchimie uses functional and essential cookies.

These cookies are essential for using the features and services on our Website. If you block these cookies on your browser, we cannot guarantee access to the services available on our Website or ensure that the Website functions properly during your visit.

Advertising cookies

Alchimie and its suppliers use cookies on our website to enable targeted advertising to deliver advertisements on third-party websites after you have viewed our Website.

  • Google Ads Manager service enables Alchimie to target users with personalised advertisements.

Data generated with these cookies relates to offers by third-party advertisers displayed in real time that are likely to interest you based on your profile.

Google Ads service enables Alchimie to display more relevant advertisements (remarketing). This also helps to limit the number of times the same advertisement is displayed to the website visitor.

For more information on how Google processes personal data collected using cookies, you can view this partner’s privacy rules:

  • Facebook service enables Alchimie to provide a range of advertising products such as real-time offers by third-party advertisers that are likely to interest you.

For more information on how Facebook processes personal data collected using cookies, you can view this partner’s privacy rules:

This data is stored by the service provider. Alchimie is unable to identify you with these cookies.