Alchimie launches

In the Arab world, Rotana Media is a household name. The Dubai based media company owns and operates TV channels, and radio stations throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Rotana also holds a vast library of Arabic cinema stretching back over half a century. 

Now Rotana has partnered with Alchimie to launch AFLAMPLUS.TV, the new home of Arabic Cinema. This new channel has been created to serve the Arab population in the UK and much of Europe.

Featuring cult actors and actresses, classic movies and the next generation of stars plus a wide range of genres to action, thriller, drama romance and comedy, AFLAMPLUS.TV is the perfect home-away-from-home for the hundreds of thousands of middle east and North African natives, living in Britain and Europe.

All films on AFLAMPLUS.TV are subtitled in English so the channel is also a treasure trove of hidden gems for non Arabic speaking cinephiles and movie buffs.

The entire catalogue is available for just €4.99 per month with new films added every month.

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