Alchimie and Phare Ouest, announce the launch of Crime, the first S-VOD channel entirely dedicated to cold cases

Alchimie, the OTT subscription video platform, partners with Phare Ouest, Arnaud Poivre d’Arvor and Sébastien Brunaud’s audiovisual production company, which has been creating must-see news programs for nearly twenty years, and launches Scène de The series “Non Élucidé”, “Indices”, “Enquêtes Chrono” have become the most popular of their kind.

Thanks to its technical platform, Alchimie allows content producers such as Phare Ouest to enhance their catalogs by enabling them to create their own thematic Netflix.

Eric Van Eeckhout, VP Growth & Innovation at Alchimie comments: « is the association of strong expertise: renowned personalities, Arnaud Poivre D’Arvor and Jean-Marc Bloch, a demanding producer, Phare Ouest, and a flexible editor who brings its catalog, its technical platform and its distribution know-how, Alchimie!  What if in 2021 we solved all the crimes ? »

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