The hub is a user interface designed for video professionals so that your work both gets the best listing among major media, telecom operators and broadcasting platforms and so you can manage the digital content you want to promote with Alchimie.

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When it comes to making great content, we want to focus on the creation part with you and streamline the rest. That’s why we created Alchimie Hub

We’ve created a set of tools to streamline the technical aspect of the distribution process and help you keep track of how well your content is doing. And we’ll be right there with you, on the other side of the interface, making sure your content gets listed and your sales get boosted.

Here’s what Alchimie Hub has in store for you:

  • Establish a first contact with Alchimie in minutes
  • Upload and organize your digital content in a few clicks
  • Manage your catalog of contents seamlessly (available very soon)
  • Get insights on your content (available soon)
  • Set up a personalized profile to interact with Alchimie

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What they say about Alchimie

Read up on what the creatives, producers and providers we have partnered with say about our work together. We’re grateful for the opportunity to take on great challenges with each one of them – they all share a team spirit we especially appreciate.


Alchimie was one of the first players on the digital content market to truly understand how to seize opportunities…

… and how to set up a “one click” payment system and billing-upon-invoice policy: Alchimie offers a clear UX and quality content. That expertise coupled with the ability to roll out these processes contributes to streamlining our entire ecosystem. It’s important for SFR to have such a thorough partner to ensure cost-effectiveness and reliability; it’s something all our stakeholders depend on to move forward together.

Director - SFR Pay

Alchimie is a quality partner for generating additional revenues through digital distribution.

We’ve gone from BtoBtoC to BtoC thanks to Alchimie’s expertise in fields such as subscriber acquisition, data and tech, which has all been interesting and exciting. The partnership between Alchimie and TVonly allows us to be reactive to evolutions in demand and adapt our content accordingly to always keep our subscribers satisfied and retain their loyalty.

Chief Executive Officer - TVOnly
Marie-Laure MARCHAND

This new partnership with Alchimie represents an amazing opportunity for us…

… to work with an international expert in content creation for digital platforms. We can’t wait to offer emojis and Oggy stickers to all our fans so the sharing can go global.

Marie-Laure MARCHAND
Senior Vice President of Global Licensing - Xilam

Are you a content creator or a content producer looking
to monetize your work thanks to digital distribution?